Odoo Engineering

Odoo Programming and Customization

We  specialize in the implementation of Odoo/Open ERP web applications at the Community, Enterprise, and Odoo.sh level. We also develop customized modules and applications for the Odoo Community ranging from Fleet Tracking to Virtual Assistants. We currently have over 15 modules for sale on the Odoo Marketplace with many more in the pipeline. 

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Powered by Machine Learning

Train it to respond any way you like by entering an input query and a response to it. Import the conversation data from your Twitter account. Define Notify phrases which trigger an e-mail notification when a visitor asks/uses this term while talking to the chatbot. Uses the same livechat widget from the Odoo's original Livechat module.


Route optimization

Powered by Google Maps

We have developed a routing engine for Odoo that can manage your fleet logistics. We use machine learning to continually optimize our solutions. Our software utilizes multiple TPS algorithms to find the best routing solutions for your delivery and service vehicles. Email us today for more details. 

Fleet Tracking

Powered by Traccar

GPS tracking integrated with the Fleet module. Our solution gives you a bird;s eye view of your vehicles and their location. Get a handle on where you can optimize by being able to see daily trip records, inactive periods,  and other useful metrics depending upon the tracking device being used. For a closer look at Traccar please take a look at their website.

Odoo engineering

Located in Burlington, NC USA

Odoo solutions

We offer cost effective hosting and deployment solutions from our two US based datacenters


We can help get your Odoo started quickly. 

App Customization

Get the functionality you've always wanted. We can customize and create  almost any solution you can come up with.


We offer pre-paid  hourly technical support  to help get your Odoo Instance running smoothly.

Pricing Packages



 Up To 2 Users

25GB Disk Space

Weekly Backups

SSL Included

Unlimited  Bandwidth


2 vCPU

More Features



Up To 6 Users

50GB Disk Space

Weekly Backups

SSL Included

Unlimited  Bandwidth


4 vCPU

More Features



Unlimited Users

100GB Disk Space

Daily Backups

SSL Included

Unlimited  Bandwidth

SSL Included


8 vCPU

More Features